Survai The Survey Funnels Builder Review:

SurvAI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered app that helps you generate leads through the power of Survey Funnels and quickly convert them into buyers. This app provides the shortest path from a cold lead to a quick buyer. Even if you have never sold before, this app will help you build a buyer list fast. No guesswork, no technical obstacles, and you don't even need a website!

This App takes the difficulty out of creating survey funnels. No longer do you have to painstakingly build survey funnels from scratch.
This App takes the difficulty out of creating survey funnels. No longer do you have to painstakingly build survey funnels from scratch.


  • The Easiest Way To Generate Leads and Turn Strangers Into Repeat Buyers 
  • Breakthrough A.I. Technology Automatically Creates SURVEY FUNNELS With Just A Keyword In 59 Seconds Flat 
  • A.I. generates ALL the questions AND personalizes offers based on responses
  • Capture Leads with A.I. using our powerful drag-n-drop builder
  • Share Surveys with a custom URL anywhere with just 1-click
  • Quickstart: No prior experience or technical skills are needed
  • Fully Cloud-Based: Nothing to download/install
  • Automated: Get high-converting questions using A.I.
  • Send Leads right to offers based on their replies
  • Powerful Security: Passwords and IP level security
  • Commercial License: make money by offering this as a service
  • Artificial Intelligence Powered Lead Generation System
  •  Generate High-Converting Survey Questions Using Just A Keyword
  •  First-To-Jvzoo Powerful Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas
  • Multi-Page Surveys That Increase Engagement & Completion Rates
  •  Built-In  Password Protection For Surveys and  1-Respondent Per Survey Security
  • ShareYour Surveys With A Custom URL, Across Social Media Platforms & Any Website 
  • Send Leads To A Custom Thank You Page Based On Their Responses & Ratin
  •  Get Full Analytics Of Your Surveys With Just A Click Of A Button On Your Dashboard
  • Sell Surveys You Can Generate In Seconds For BIG Bucks
  • Generate High-Converting Questions In Seconds. Simply provide a keyword…and watch as SurvAI generates multiple engaging questions that you can use in your surveys. 
  • Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas. Just drag-n-drop the questions you like onto the canvas. Want to change the order of your questions? – Again, just drag-n-drop.
  • Create Multi-Page Surveys. The more questions you ask…the more you’d know about your audiences’ preferences.
  • And when you show your audience a personalized offer after they have answered a bunch of questions – they are convinced that the products/service you’re pitching is PERFECT for them… sending your conversion rates soaring.
  • Create 10 Different Types Of Questions…

             –   Multiple Choice Questions


             –   Short Answer Questions & Long Answer Questions

             –   Yes or No Questions

             –   Dropdown Selection

             –   Star Rating & Slider Rating

             –   Questions asking for Dates,  Email Address & Phone numbers. 

  • Pick A Template Or Start With Blank Canvas. SurvAI has a wide range of templates that you can use to create your surveys in just seconds…
  • A.I. Powered Smart Redirect System. Based on the responses to your questions…you can have this app send your leads to a custom Thank You Page after completing the survey.
  •  Smart Survey Protection. With SurvAI… you can create passwords for your surveys. This way ONLY people with the password can access & fill out the survey…making it impossible for bots to answer questions in your survey.
  • Customize Surveys. Brand survey pages with your own logo and colours. You can also upload your own images/videos, add your own custom welcome text and even a Countdown timer…
  • Full Survey Analytics. Get a bird’s eye view of data pertaining to Total Respondents, Number of Completed Surveys, Percentage of Completed Surveys, and lots more!
  • Easily Share Your Survey. Easily share your survey with a custom URL, on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter, on your (& your client’s) website…
  • Built-in Authentication. Add “SurvAI” Authentication To Show That These Results Are Verified
This survai App takes the difficulty out of creating a survey funnel. No longer do you have to painstakingly build your survey funnel from scratch.

SurvAI Survey funnels builder Is PERFECT FOR the following:

This App takes the difficulty out of creating survey funnels. No longer do you have to painstakingly build survey funnels from scratch.

Survai OTO (Survai Funnels)

This App takes the difficulty out of creating survey funnels. No longer do you have to painstakingly build survey funnels from scratch.


Survai FAQs:

Q. How much time does one really need to create and launch a survey? 

I won’t lie, surveys usually require more time than the average lead magnet — but SurvAI does all the heavy lifting for you. The main time spent creating a survey is when you’re trying to come up with questions. With SurvAI – that part is done by our powerful, custom Artificial Intelligence. All you need to do is simply drag-n-drop. That’s why it would only take you less than 59 seconds to create a survey.

Q. I’m not a copywriter, can I still create my own survey? 

Yes. With SurvAI – you don’t need to write a single sentence. All you need to do is provide a keyword and hit enter. That’s it.

Q. What Do You Mean When You Promise Lifetime Access?

The lifetime license in this case refers to the lifetime of the product – SurvAI. This survey creation app utilizes the most advanced AI technology combined with our own custom AI technologies. This app will continue to work as long as it is viable to provide the majority of these services without disruption. 

Q. Can I create quizzes and polls with SurvAI as well?

Yes! The main intention is for survey generation, but you can create quizzes and polls as well.


SURvai Bonuses ( Semi-Exclusive Bonus Apps)

Bonus 1: 100 Logos

Get 100 Done-For-You Logo Templates That You Can Use For Your Business Or For Your Clients. Each Comes With Complete Resell And Commercial Rights

Bonus 2: Instagram Zero to Hero

Instagram Has Been A Go-To Source Of Income For Me When I’m Tired Of FB Ads. In This Training I’ll Show You Step-By-Step Exactly How To Start A Profitable Instagram Page From Scratch And Grow It To Monetisation Level. You Can Use These Tips To Grow Multiple Accounts Simultaneously.

Bonus 3: 30 Cartoon Images

Want More Graphical Elements For Your Websites? Create More Attractive Pages With These 30 Awesome

  • Looking Images. We’re Making Them Quite Handy Just For You!

Bonus 4: Webmasters Photo Kit

With These Quick And Easy Tools, Even A Child Could Add Great Looking, Profit Boosting Photos To Any Website!

Sure Is A Photo Can Speak A Thousand Words Depending On How It Looks Likes To The Viewers. If You Want To Get Positive Feedback, You Should Have A Nicely Photographed Or At Least Edited Photos.

The Good News Now Is That Inside This Product Is An Amazing Software That Will Let You Easily Edit, Filter And Do Whatever Yout To Your Photo Before Uploading It To Your Website Or To Any Social Network


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