How to Easily Cut off a Section From a PDF

How to Easily Cut off a Section From a PDF:

Unlike a Notepad document or Word document, a PDF(portable data file) works more like an image. The majority of PDFs are also readable only, which implies that you can neither subtract Text from the document nor add text to the document. Rather, you are to treat the PDF as an image of which you can edit in graphics applications or software that allows you to cut out sections of images.

How to Easily Cut off a Section From a PDF
How to Easily Cut off a Section From a PDF

NOW LET'S FOLLOW THE BELOW STEPS ON How to Easily Cut off a Section From a PDF :

Step 1: How to Easily Cut off a Section From a PDF

Open the PDF(portable data file) document in any image editing software/Application such as Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP.

Step 2

Specify your background color to be white background or almost the same color as the shade of your PDF Document's background. This background color is primarily the second box, beneath the foreground. Then click on the eyedropper tool to use it. The eyedropper icon resembles a medical dropper. Use It to select the background color that you want for your PDF to give it a perfect match.

Step 3

Tap on the marquee button or the image selection tool from the tools menu. The icon of the image selection tool looks like a dotted rectangle.

Step 4

Then left-click and drag your mouse pointer above the area of the PDF document that you want to cut out from the PDF, then pull down the box around the section of the PDF(portable data file) to select.

Step 5

Press the “CTRL button plus(+) the X button” at once to cut out the section you selected from the pdf or right-click the selected section and click the “Cut” button from the drop-down menu. This selection section is now replaced with the background color that closely matches your PDF.

Step 6

You can as well Open a new document in the image editing software, then press the “CTRL button + V button” to paste the cut area into a new document if you want.

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